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Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle. ---->>>

I don't copy recipes without trying them out. I don't reprint without trying them again. ---->>>

I'm very interested in my new kitchen equipment shop. I've started it with two friends. ---->>>

Writing doesn't come easily to me. It gets more and more difficult. ---->>>

An awful lot of people think it's easy to lift recipes out. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 12-26, 1913
Die: 05-22, 1992
Occupation: Writer

Elizabeth David CBE (born Elizabeth Gwynne; 26 December 1913 – 22 May 1992) was a British cookery writer who, in the mid 20th century, strongly influenced the revitalisation of the art of home cookery with articles and books about European cuisines and traditional British dishes. Born to an upper-class family, she rebelled against social norms of the day (wikipedia)