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The genetics of autism are real, but there are also environmental triggers.

The genetics of autism are real, but there are also environmental triggers.

I offer something very different from the lifelong career politicians who have worked their way up to run for higher office or those who can parachute in with checks for $5 million or $10 million, and that seems to be the definition of credible or legitimate. I'm rejecting that premise. ---->>>

My son is a blessing in every way. ---->>>

Part of the problem you have is that you don't have a dialogue between elected officials and their constituents. They've built these barricades, these barriers around themselves and tried to avoid interaction with their constituents. ---->>>

When you look at a Congress that has an 84 percent disapproval rating, that means that for the most part, the people of this country, and certainly California, are looking for new leadership. ---->>>

My son has autism, and I founded the government relations department at Autism Speaks. ---->>>

We need new energy back in Washington. ---->>>

You know, my background, I was at a non-profit for years. ---->>>

The federal government secures the border; Californians decide how we want to treat our population. I think we need a vibrant guest worker program. If we have one, we're going to stop having a lot of issues at the border. ---->>>

I believe both parties are sending the wrong kind of people to Washington, D.C. ---->>>

I don't care what the political establishment says, Republican, Democrat - I'm a problem solver. ---->>>

I know how to take good ideas and turn them into sensible law at great odds. ---->>>

I take on daunting tasks. ---->>>

I think we need to have more women in the Republican Party talking about what it is we're trying to do for families. ---->>>

I'm no fan of what I've seen health insurance companies do. ---->>>

In California, for so long now, our families have been struggling in this economic environment, and Dianne Feinstein, been in office nearly half a century, is out of touch of what women and families are going through in California. ---->>>

Ironically, if you look at Dianne Feinstein's profile and you look at my profile, I'm the 99 percent. Dianne Feinstein's the one percent. She appeals to one percent. ---->>>

We all know Sen. Feinstein is out of touch, but just to make it worse, by not embracing today's technology, she isn't even connected. Out of touch and disconnected. ---->>>

What's more difficult than knowing there's an effective treatment for your children, but you can't afford to offer it to them because it's not covered by insurance? ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-04, 1963
Occupation: Politician