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The thyroid cells take up iodine with particular avidity and are able to store it up in great quantities. ---->>>

Seldom in the history of medicine has the recognition of the most effective cure followed as swiftly on the heels of the discovery of a disease as the establishment of the complete effectiveness of iodothyrin and thyroidin followed the recognition of cachexia thyreopriva. ---->>>


Emil Theodor Kocher profile (emil-theodor-kocher.jpg)
Nationality: Swiss
Born: August 25, 1841
Birthplace: Bern, Switzerland
Die: 07-27, 1917
Occupation: Scientist

Emil Theodor Kocher (25 August 1841 – 27 July 1917) was a Swiss physician and medical researcher who received the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work in the physiology, pathology and surgery of the thyroid. Among his many accomplishments are the introduction and promotion of aseptic surgery and scientific methods in surgery, specifically reducing the mortality of thyroidectomies below 1% in his operations (wikipedia)