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I've always been a performer. I love doing impressions of people and being the clown.

I've always been a performer. I love doing impressions of people and being the clown.

My mum took me to the ballet at three, and that was the only time I sat still, with jaw open, mesmerised. She brought me home, and I wouldn't stop dancing. ---->>>

I love gritty drama. I'm passionate about films and drama that make you think - hard-hitting, gravelly characters. ---->>>

When you're in a soap, it's fantastic, and I'm really grateful for the fans who watch you and support you. For me, it was the best experience because I was able to act every day and work with so many different directors and get some great storylines and learn on-screen. ---->>>

I did really well at school, and I would have loved to have gone to Oxford or Cambridge. I would have read English, and I'm really interested in politics. ---->>>

I've been on 'Hollyoaks' since I was 15, and I've grown up on the show. I'm so very fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn my craft in such a fantastic environment. ---->>>


Emma Rigby profile (emma-rigby.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 09-26, 1989
Birthplace: St Helens, Merseyside, England, UK
Occupation: Actress

Emma Catherine Rigby (born 26 September 1989) is an English actress. She is best known for playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in long-running soap opera Hollyoaks, Gemma Roscoe in BBC One drama series Prisoners' Wives and as the Red Queen in American fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.(wikipedia)