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The iPod has taken away the whole platinum record sales prospect. Sincerity and specificity are going to be the hot commodities in music. Everybody can have anything that they want, so now it gets into what specifically you have to give. ---->>>

People are used to seeing kids jump around. You know, the target audience, the audience that's spending money on music, like rock and hip-hop - they're used to seeing people get really physically involved in their music. ---->>>

I've never broken a piano. However, I've been banned from particular clubs for breaking piano strings. ---->>>

Labels serve a purpose. They help one be identified. And I want to be identified. ---->>>

I'm endorsed by Yamaha. I represent Yamaha, and I really like the way that piano handles and capacitates the force that I put into it without losing the shape of the sound and the contour, and it really holds up well. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-13, 1973
Occupation: Musician