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If you want to decrease housing costs in Norway, the most important thing is to build more. ---->>>

The future of Norway isn't about competing on being the cheapest but the most innovative. We have an expensive welfare state, and the only answer to continue that way is to become more competitive, especially on knowledge. ---->>>


Nationality: Norwegian
Born: 02-24, 1961
Occupation: Politician

Erna Solberg (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˌæːɳɑ ˈsuːlˈbærɡ]; born 24 February 1961) is a Norwegian politician who has been Prime Minister of Norway since October 2013 and Leader of the Conservative Party since May 2004. Solberg has served as a member of the Storting since 1989 and served as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development in Bondevik's Second Cabinet from 2001 to 2005 (wikipedia)