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You can't get anywhere in life without taking risks.

You can't get anywhere in life without taking risks.

I don't think the very fact that I'm a woman makes me suddenly more vulnerable or more inherently used and abused. ---->>>

Objectivity is almost a choice you make. As a burlesque performer, I didn't choose to be objectified. ---->>>

We see a lot of gory deaths on 'Game of Thrones.' ---->>>


Esme Bianco profile (esme-bianco.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 05-25, 1982
Birthplace: St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK
Occupation: Model

Esmé Augusta Bianco is an English actress, model, and neo-burlesque performer. She is best known for her recurring role as Ros on Game of Thrones.(wikipedia)