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'Instructions Not Included' is proving that there is a huge Latin market that needs a special project. They love seeing their own people; they want to see themselves onscreen. In my case, I know them pretty well. I know what they laugh at. I think it's going to open a lot of doors, this movie. ---->>>

Pantelion and Televisa can reach my core fan base better than anyone, and with the distribution expertise and brand recognition of Lionsgate, I know we can build on the crossover audience that we began to reach with 'Instructions.' ---->>>

When I walk down the street, even here in the U.S., they are always saying my catchphrases of my characters, and they shout at me with my catchphrases. ---->>>


Eugenio Derbez profile (eugenio-derbez.png)
Nationality: Mexican
Born: 09-02, 1961
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Actor

Eugenio González Derbez (born September 2, 1961) is a Mexican actor, comedian, scriptwriter, writer, entrepreneur, producer and director. In 2014 he was recognized by Variety as the most influential Hispanic male in the entertainment industry. Eugenio Derbez is one of the most influential creative forces in Latin America, and is one of the most recognized actors among the Spanish-speaking population in the US (wikipedia)