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Global capital is agnostic - it has no loyalties. There's an overhang of capital in the U.S., and the key is yield pickup. What Africa is providing is a diversification play and also opportunities for yield pickup for the investor that's aware of what he or she is doing. ---->>>

You can make money, you can lose money in Africa. But opportunities, boy oh boy, they exist. ---->>>

As an investment banker, I'm in the cross-flow of information and the changes that are taking place in capital markets. ---->>>

Africa is the second-largest continent, a landmass second from Asia. It also is the second most populated continent, with 900 million people. In fact - coming back to the land mass - Africa is so big that you could fit in the continental United States, China, and the entire Europe into Africa and still have space. ---->>>


Nationality: South Afric
Born: 06-21, 1971
Occupation: Businessman

In 2011 Euvin Naidoo was selected by Forbes onto their Top 10 most Powerful and Influential Men under Forty in Africa list. He is currently a banking executive in Johannesburg, South Africa. A graduate of the Harvard Business School (HBS), Euvin Naidoo is also an alumnus of global international management consulting firm McKinsey & Co (wikipedia)