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Show me a character whose life arouses my curiosity, and my flesh begins crawling with suspense. ---->>>

A passion for politics stems usually from an insatiable need, either for power, or for friendship and adulation, or a combination of both. ---->>>

Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 09-15, 1915
Die: 01-10, 1981
Occupation: Author

Fawn McKay Brodie (September 15, 1915 – January 10, 1981) was a biographer and one of the first female professors of history at UCLA, who is best known for Thomas Jefferson: An Intimate History (1974), a work of psychobiography, and No Man Knows My History (1945), an early and still influential biography of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement (wikipedia)