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The majority of the members of the Irish parliament are professional politicians, in the sense that otherwise they would not be given jobs minding mice at crossroads. ---->>>

A woman doesn't care if she hasn't a stomach, provided she looks as if she hasn't. ---->>>

It is clear enough that you are making some distinction in what you said, that there is some nicety of terminology in your words. I can't quite follow you. ---->>>


Nationality: Irish
Born: 10-05, 1911
Die: 04-01, 1966
Occupation: Writer

Brian O'Nolan (Irish: Brian Ó Nualláin; 5 October 1911 – 1 April 1966) was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature. Born in Strabane, County Tyrone, he is regarded as a key figure in postmodern literature. His English language novels, such as At Swim-Two-Birds, and The Third Policeman, were written under the pen name Flann O'Brien (wikipedia)