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No matter how old a mother is she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement. ---->>>

Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you. It is meant to, and it couldn't do it better. Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition. ---->>>

Age puzzles me. I thought it was a quiet time. My seventies were interesting and fairly serene, but my eighties are passionate. I grow more intense as I age. ---->>>

The crucial task of old age is balance: keeping just well enough, just brave enough, just gay and interested and starkly honest enough to remain a sentient human being. ---->>>

It is not easy to be sure that being yourself is worth the trouble, but we do know it is our sacred duty. ---->>>

My kitchen linoleum is so black and shiny that I waltz while I wait for the kettle to boil. This pleasure is for the old who live alone. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-01, 1970
Die: 1979-03-06
Occupation: Writer