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There is no difficult moment working together because when we start a new project, Dante starts to make all the sketches and I can see the vision of the movie and then I start my job. ---->>>

When I met Dante I didn't work in the movies, but I enjoyed so much the movies. I worked in interior design and when I met Dante, we tried to do something together. ---->>>


Francesca Lo Schiavo profile (francesca-lo-schiavo.jpg)
Nationality: Italian
Born: 1948-01-11
Occupation: Designer

Francesca Lo Schiavo (Italian pronunciation: [franˌtʃeska lo ˈskjaːvo]) is an Italian set decorator. Married to Dante Ferretti, a fellow art director, she has been nominated for an Academy Award seven times, winning three of them. The movies which she has been nominated for are: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1989), Nominated (wikipedia)