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I think the movie business and film crews are a little bit like the circus, in that we travel around like a pack and we're a big family for a finite period of time. We roll into someplace, cause a bunch of damage, and then roll out. ---->>>

I've been a fan of noir films since I was in high school. ---->>>

Whenever you're adapting something that's a 12- or 14-hour read down to something that has to be around two hours, there's going to be some cuts. ---->>>

I believe that the process could be fun, I just think that making movies is really tough. And it's stressful as it is, and I think that most of us got in this business because it's fun to make movies. ---->>>

I wish that the circuses that were around now felt like they did then. They're not quite as elegant or as magical as they used to be. There was something about the old tent shows, the Big Top, the canvas, the lights, the sawdust, the hay and the animals that's just missing now. Now, it's all urbanized and maybe a little garish. ---->>>

There are two separate scripts for 'Mockingjay' parts one and two. It's definitely one story, but there are two totally distinct and separate scripts. ---->>>

I think that the thing that is really strong with 'The Hunger Games' is just that it comes from a very strong idea. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-26, 1970
Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Occupation: Producer

Francis Lawrence (born March 26, 1971) is an American filmmaker and producer, who has worked on films, television shows, and music videos. He is best known for directing three of the four films in the Hunger Games film series.(wikipedia)