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Being married to a daughter of India is a natural complement of my being in this country for 30 years. My roots are very much in this country, even though I remain a Westerner. ---->>>

The West remains obsessed by the caste system. ---->>>

I started writing and photographing for different publications and finally ended up being the correspondent in South Asia, for the Geneva-based Journal de Geneve, which at one time used to be one of the best international newspapers in Europe. ---->>>

I was born in Paris in 1950. I had a strict upper-class Catholic education but I never really fitted in the system and revolted against it quite early. ---->>>

I have an interest in spirituality, and it opens up so many different areas of Indian life. ---->>>

I have no intention of going back to France, except for yearly visits to meet my family. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Paris, France
Occupation: Writer

Fran├žois Gautier (born 1959) is a French political writer and journalist based in India, since 1971. He has served as the "South Asian" correspondent for the French-language newspaper Le Figaro. Gautier is the founder of the Foundation for Advancement of Cultural Ties (FACT), an NGO which is 'committed to highlighting the magnificence of India and the threats to its sovereignty' (wikipedia)