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From where they stood, they could see the castle. ---->>>

There was no wind in all that sweep of sky. ---->>>

When it was over, it was not really over, and that was the trouble. ---->>>

About fifteen miles above New Orleans the river goes very slowly. It has broadened out there until it is almost a sea and the water is yellow with the mud of half a continent. Where the sun strikes it, it is golden. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 09-05, 1916
Die: 11-29, 1991
Occupation: Author

Frank Yerby ((1916-09-05)September 5, 1916 – November 29, 1991(1991-11-29)) was a popular American writer, best known for his 1946 historical novel The Foxes of Harrow, which was the first novel written by an African-American to become a best seller. (wikipedia)