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Art is really about perception, and mine have been changed through visiting other realities. ---->>>

There are aspects of Asian culture in my work, but it's really rooted in an American experience - transcendentalism, '60s counterculture, punk rock. ---->>>

I don't embrace irony, but I do think it's a pre-existing condition; we manage it as best we can. ---->>>

I kind of have a Victorian sensibility - I don't understand stuff until I can classify it and name it. ---->>>

I worked my way through art school as an auto mechanic, doing various stuff including sanding bodywork and using Bondo filler. ---->>>

I'm actually pretty smart when you get to know me. ---->>>

The small amount of people that control the discourse around painting - I thought that the whole museum world was just a bunch of phonies, and I didn't really want to have anything to do with it. I guess I did installations, in a funny way, because they couldn't be commodified. ---->>>

I wouldn't know any other way to live except to be an artist. I'm not very good at anything else. ---->>>

I've come to believe in the primacy of form - the notion of art seducing you through your senses, through your eyeballs. ---->>>

A lot of people don't think of my work as being all that funny, but I think it's hilarious! ---->>>

I don't know if I'm a populist artist, but I do try to maintain a spirit of generosity. ---->>>

I like the idea of multidisciplinary conversations, so in that spirit, I try and make a contribution from the art world into the music world. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Santa Monica, California
Occupation: Artist

Fred Tomaselli (born in Santa Monica, California, in 1956) is an American artist. He is best known for his highly detailed paintings on wood panels, combining an array of unorthodox materials suspended in a thick layer of clear, epoxy resin. Tomaselli is represented by James Cohan Gallery in the United States and by White Cube gallery in the United Kingdom (wikipedia)