Frederic William Farrar short quotes

There is only one real failure in life that is possible, and that is, not to be true to the best one knows. ---->>>

Man's liberty ends, and it ought to end, when that liberty becomes the curse of its neighbors. ---->>>

If ever I want to amuse myself with an idiot, I have not far to look for one. I laugh at myself. ---->>>

But in the life of every man there are influences of a far more real and penetrating character than those which come through the medium of schools or teachers. ---->>>

No man can pass into eternity, for he is already in it. ---->>>

There was living in the palace at this time a brother of the great Germanicus, and consequently an uncle of the late emperor, whose name was Claudius Caesar. ---->>>

Seneca brings vividly before us a picture of the various scholars assembled in a school of the philosophers. ---->>>

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