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I got that nickname my first spring training camp with the Expos in 1974. Tim Foli, Ken Singleton and Mike Jorgensen started calling me 'Kid' because I was trying to win every sprint. I was trying to hit every pitch out of the park. ---->>>

I remember many a time, going into someplace like Wrigley Field - where you could cut the humidity with a knife - and playing a doubleheader. I loved to play the game. It didn't matter if it was a doubleheader, or a single game, or a day game after a night game. I wanted to play. ---->>>

It's kind of a tradition that you get a rookie, put him in the middle, wrap your arms and legs around him, then douse him with everything you can get a hold of - shaving cream, ketchup, mustard, everything. It's kind of like a pie in the face after a guy is successful. ---->>>

I like mellow music. I like some jazz. But I'm not a big hard rock guy.

I like mellow music. I like some jazz. But I'm not a big hard rock guy.

My desires are simply I love to teach, I love to be in uniform, I love to throw batting practice, I love to be with the kids. ---->>>

There's a place in my heart for every team I played on. ---->>>

To be 49 years old now and still be called The Kid, that's kind of special. ---->>>

I would love to get back to the big leagues as a coach, possibly a manager. I would love that opportunity. ---->>>

That's what every young kid thinks about when they first put on a uniform - is to play in the Major League and then, ultimately, play in a World Series. To me, that was the ultimate, winning in '86. ---->>>

There were probably a few games I played where I should not have played, because of some nagging injuries or something. I used to always talk the managers into playing me, because I wanted to play so badly. ---->>>

I tried the broadcasting thing, the coaching thing, but I'll never replace the competitive feeling of being out on the field when we were players. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-08, 1954
Die: 02-16, 2012
Occupation: Athlete

Gary Edmund Carter (April 8, 1954 – February 16, 2012) was an American professional baseball catcher whose 21-year career was spent primarily with the Montreal Expos and New York Mets. Nicknamed "Kid" for his youthful exuberance, Carter was named an All-Star 11 times, and was a member of the 1986 World Champion Mets (wikipedia)