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I am finally glad to see that the jury is looking at me. ---->>>

I stagnated in prison a long time, and I have wasted most of my life. ---->>>

I want freedom and I realize that the only way to get it is to quit breaking the law. ---->>>

I've got problems and if you sentence me to additional time, I'm going to compound them. ---->>>

It's been sanctioned by the courts, and I accept that. ---->>>

It's my life and my death. ---->>>

See you in the darkness. ---->>>

There is an appropriate time to release somebody or to give them a break. ---->>>

There will always be a father. ---->>>

You can keep a person locked up too long. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 12-04, 1940
Birthplace: McCamey, Texas, US
Die: 01-17, 1977
Occupation: Criminal

Gary Mark Gilmore (December 4, 1940 – January 17, 1977) was an American criminal who gained international notoriety for demanding the implementation of his death sentence for two murders he committed in Utah. After the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a new series of death penalty statutes in the 1976 decision Gregg v (wikipedia)