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All art is a confession. ---->>>

In Paris, I met a young American person who immediately became the primary inspiration which awakened my vision and the leading influence that had directed my forces. Throughout my career as an artist, I refer to this person by the word 'Woman.' ---->>>


Gaston Lachaise profile (gaston-lachaise.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: March 19, 1882
Birthplace: Paris, France
Die: 10-18, 1935
Occupation: Sculptor

Gaston Lachaise (March 19, 1882 – October 18, 1935) was an American sculptor of French birth, active in the early 20th century. A native of Paris, he was most noted for his female nudes such as Standing Woman. Gaston Lachaise was taught the refinement of European sculpture while living in France. He met a young American woman, Isabel Nagel, and the pair moved to America, where his craft reached maturity and he was influenced and inspired by American ways (wikipedia)