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If one is satisfied with things, one doesn't complain about the downsides that exist, either. ---->>>

Society is becoming less and less transparent. People no longer know where decisions that substantially affect their lives are taken, nor by whom, nor how. ---->>>

Transnational, gigantic industrial companies no longer operate within political systems, but rather above them. ---->>>


Georg Henrik von Wright profile (georg-henrik-von-wright.jpg)
Nationality: Finnish
Born: 06-14, 1916
Die: 06-16, 2003
Occupation: Philosopher

Georg Henrik von Wright (Swedish: [ˈjeːɔrj ˈhɛnːrɪk fɔnˈvrɪkːt], 14 June 1916 – 16 June 2003) was a Finnish philosopher, who succeeded Ludwig Wittgenstein as professor at the University of Cambridge. He published in English, Finnish, German, and Swedish, having belonged to the Swedish-speaking minority of Finland (wikipedia)