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Death is like an arrow that is already in flight, and your life lasts only until it reaches you. ---->>>

Not all human souls but only the pious ones are divine. ---->>>

The soul passeth from form to form; and the mansions of her pilgrimage are manifold. ---->>>

From one Soul of the Universe are all Souls derived. ---->>>


Nationality: German
Born: April 22, 1775
Die: May 26, 1831
Occupation: Theologian

Georg Hermes (22 April 1775, Dreierwalde – 26 May 1831, Bonn) was a German Roman Catholic theologian. Born at Dreierwalde, in Westphalia, Hermes was educated at the gymnasium and University of Münster. He later taught at both of these institutions. In 1820, he was appointed professor of theology at Bonn, where he died (wikipedia)