Gerrit Smith short quotes

Truth and mercy require the exertion - never the suppression, of man's noble rights and powers. ---->>>

I do not object to the construction of rail roads and canals. ---->>>

I need say no more, to prove that slavery is entirely unlike the servitude in the patriarchal families. ---->>>

Let the poor man count as his enemy, and his worst enemy, every invader of the right of free discussion. ---->>>

I am a plain man, and I care and know comparatively little about rhetoric. ---->>>

My rights all spring front an infinitely nobler source - from favor and grace of God. ---->>>

Our concern, however, is with slavery as it is, and not with any theory of it. ---->>>

To no human charter am I indebted for my rights. ---->>>

We must continue to judge of slavery by what it is, and not by what you tell us it will, or may be. ---->>>

True, permanent peace can never be restored, until slavery, the occasion of the war, has ceased. ---->>>

It, sometimes, suits the slaveholders to claim, that their slavery is an exclusively State concern; and that the North has, therefore, nothing to do with it. ---->>>

The only ground on which a neutral State can claim respect at the hands of belligerents is, that, so far as she is concerned, their rights are protected. ---->>>

As this is the first time I have had the floor, it may be well for me now to confess, that I am in the habit of freely imputing errors to my fellow-men. ---->>>

But I love honesty, and, therefore; do I make great account of facts. ---->>>

The poor North has much to do with slavery. It staggers under its load and smarts under its lash. ---->>>

I believe that government is for the use of the people, and not the people for the use of the government. ---->>>

I prefer, in a word, the republican system, because it comes up more nearly to God's system. ---->>>

I welcomed the organization of the Anti-slavery Society. ---->>>

There is one class of men, whom it especially behoves to be tenacious of the right of free discussion. I mean the poor. ---->>>

There is room in our ranks for the old and decrepit, as well as the young and vigorous. ---->>>

To say, that Capt. Ingraham violated the rights of Turkey, is nonsense. ---->>>

The Southern slave would obey God in respect to marriage, and also to the reading and studying of His word. But this, as we have seen, is forbidden him. ---->>>

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