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My father in his way influenced me and my sister to educate ourselves and to try to do things in life. ---->>>

My joy is watching people being joyful. ---->>>

You have to have the courage to face the unexpected. This is the difference between people who do things and people who don't dare, who don't dare to live. ---->>>

The Olympic Games are a national cause, and a national cause calls for a nationwide attitude. ---->>>

In the United States, nobody needs to remind people of their own role or their own power in creating the future they want to see. Perhaps it is something that is almost written into your cultural DNA: a desire to answer your Founding Fathers' call to create a 'more perfect union.' ---->>>

He was not like Greek fathers. He didn't tell us to get married. My father thought it was very important that we travel, learn languages, be educated. ---->>>


Nationality: Greek
Born: 12-12, 1955
Occupation: Businesswoman

Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki (born Ioanna Daskalaki, 12 December 1955) is a Greek businesswoman. She is best known for being the president of the bidding and organizing committee for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. She was named one of the 50 most powerful women by Forbes magazine. (wikipedia)