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Human it is to have compassion on the unhappy. ---->>>

While farmers generally allow one rooster for ten hens, ten men are scarcely sufficient to service one woman. ---->>>

People tend to believe the bad rather than the good. ---->>>

Heaven would indeed be heaven if lovers were there permitted as much enjoyment as they had experienced on earth. ---->>>

Do as we say, and not as we do. ---->>>


Nationality: Italian
Born: June 16, 1313
Die: December 21, 1375
Occupation: Author

Giovanni Boccaccio (; Italian: [dʒoˈvanni bokˈkattʃo]; 1313 – 21 December 1375) was an Italian writer, poet, correspondent of Petrarch, and an important Renaissance humanist. Boccaccio wrote a number of notable works, including The Decameron and On Famous Women. He wrote his imaginative literature mostly in the Italian vernacular, as well as other works in Latin, and is particularly noted for his realistic dialogue which differed from that of his contemporaries, medieval writers who usually followed formulaic models for character and plot (wikipedia)