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I applied for a job at 'The New York Times' many years ago, and felt correctly that my life depended on it. ---->>>

I didn't write to be famous; I wrote to keep a record. ---->>>

The real victims of men are other men. ---->>>

Korea taught me nothing, for no one spoke of it when I was growing up, except as something about how wonderful the girls in Japan were. Vietnam taught some of us more than we perhaps ever wished to know. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-19, 1929
Birthplace: New York City
Die: 08-03, 2004
Occupation: Author

Gloria Emerson (May 19, 1929, New York City – August 3, 2004, New York City) was an American author, journalist and New York Times war correspondent. She won the 1978 National Book Award in Contemporary Thought for her book about the Vietnam War, Winners and Losers. During her long career, she wrote four books as well as articles for Esquire, Harper's, Vogue, Playboy, Saturday Review and Rolling Stone (wikipedia)