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Imagine spending seven years at MIT and research laboratories, only to find out that you're a performance artist. ---->>>

The free sharing and teaching of open source is incompatible with the notion of the solitary genius. ---->>>

I think there's a great homogenizing force that software imposes on people and limits the way they think about what's possible on the computer. Of course, it's also a great liberating force that makes possible, you know, publishing and so forth, and standards, and so on. ---->>>

In my own case, I'm an artist, and I'm really interested in expanding the vocabulary of human action, and basically empowering people through interactivity. I want people to discover themselves as actors, as creative actors, by having interactive experiences. ---->>>

I'm an artist and an engineer, which is, increasingly, a more common kind of hybrid. But I still fall into this weird crack where people don't seem to understand me. ---->>>


Golan Levin profile (golan-levin.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1972
Birthplace: New York, United States
Occupation: Artist

Golan Levin (born 1972) is an American new media artist, composer, performer and engineer interested in developing artifacts and events which explore supple new modes of reactive expression.(wikipedia)