Grace Meng short quotes

Being the only Asian-American in the State Legislature, I've had no choice but to reach across the aisle. ---->>>

I take the definition and title of my job - Representative - seriously. That's what I will be above and beyond everything else. ---->>>

Oftentimes, the only evidence left behind at the scene of a shooting are bullet shell casings. ---->>>

As the daughter of immigrants, growing up in New York City, you are either at the table or on the menu. ---->>>

I want to see America thrive. I want to see all different families here succeed. ---->>>

I'm just going to let my record in Congress speak for itself. ---->>>

It's nice to be a woman, and it's nice to be an Asian. But what's more important is what I can bring back to my district. ---->>>

There are many Asian-Americans who are living in poverty, especially our senior citizens. ---->>>

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