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I wear two hats. The one is business and increasing my shareholders' value; the other is social responsibility. ---->>>

I don't have time for regrets. I go forward; I'm a doer, and I always have projects and dreams. ---->>>

We're in a 21st century, transparent and connected world. ---->>>

Women leading big corporations or assuming various important social and political roles is still considered newsworthy, which clearly shows the need to further support and enhance the role of women in society. ---->>>

After my grandfather began to be successful, he returned to the village where he was born and founded a primary school. ---->>>

Being a good person and fair person is very important in life, I think. ---->>>

My friends call me a 'pace-setter.' Sometimes I am impatient, I think, but you must be fast and flexible in business because uncertainty is the only certainty in life. ---->>>

Sabanci has many years of experience in the tire reinforcement industry, and we are committed to the success of this business through an advanced technology relationship with KoSa and a strong commitment to our customers. ---->>>

I've been part of a team and leader of the team. But wherever I've been, I've worked as if that was the only opportunity I had. I've never looked beyond that. ---->>>

I believe that it is girls' human rights to go to school to be educated, minimum, until they are 18. ---->>>

I'm very fond of classical music, especially Mozart. I find it relaxes me and helps me concentrate. ---->>>

I believe that raising the status of women in Turkey is a responsibility shared by everyone. It is not only in Turkey; we are still in need of serious support for the role of women in business and society all around the world. ---->>>

I am pleased that my work has been recognized, and I hope to be a role model. ---->>>

Not every woman has what I have, so if I could do something to help them, that should also be my duty. ---->>>

The West has the wrong perception about Turkey itself. ---->>>


Guler Sabanci profile (guler-sabanci.jpg)
Nationality: Turkish
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Businesswoman