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In talking, shyness and timidity distort the very meaning of my words. I don't pretend to know anybody well. People are like shadows to me and I am like a shadow. ---->>>

To be reserved, secretive, with a passionate violence that causes suffering. ---->>>

Aloneness is nearer God, nearer reality. ---->>>

When I was a child, I used to cry all the time. ---->>>


Name: Gwen John
Nationality: Welsh
Born: June 22, 1876
Birthplace: Haverfordwest, Wales
Die: 09-18, 1939
Occupation: Artist

Gwendolen Mary John (22 June 1876 – 18 September 1939) was a Welsh artist who worked in France for most of her career. Her paintings, mainly portraits of anonymous female sitters, are rendered in a range of closely related tones. Although she was overshadowed during her lifetime by her brother Augustus John, her reputation has grown steadily since her death (wikipedia)