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The marshalling of those resources in order to obtain the maximum war effort for Australia, and a maximum degree of help and cooperation for Great Britain and the sister Dominions, is the primary objective of the new Department. ---->>>

Australians were unique due to our corals, our apples, our gum trees and our kangaroos. ---->>>


Harold Edward Holt profile (harold-edward-holt.JPG)
Nationality: Australian
Born: 08-05, 1908
Die: 12-17, 1967
Occupation: Politician

Harold Edward Holt, CH (; 5 August 1908 – 17 December 1967), was an Australian politician and the 17th Prime Minister of Australia from 1966 to 1967. He was born in Stanmore, New South Wales and won a scholarship to study law at the University of Melbourne. Holt went into business as a solicitor, during which time he joined the United Australia Party (UAP) (wikipedia)