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Cricket was my reason for living. ---->>>

Down the mine I dreamed of cricket; I bowled imaginery balls in the dark; I sent the stumps spinning and heard them rattling in the tunnels. No mishap was going to stop me from bowling in the real game, especially this one. ---->>>

I must have made a good impression because a club official to us into his office and asked me if I would sign on for a year with a view to becoming a professional. ---->>>

In my first season I took 76 wickets at an average of less than 5 runs. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 11-14, 1904
Birthplace: Nuncargate, Nottinghamshire, England
Die: 07-22, 1995
Occupation: Athlete

Harold Larwood (14 November 1904 – 22 July 1995) was a professional cricketer for Nottinghamshire and England between 1924 and 1938. A right-arm fast bowler who combined unusual speed with great accuracy, he was considered by many commentators to be the finest bowler of his generation. He was the main exponent of the bowling style known as "bodyline", the use of which during the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) tour of Australia in 1932–33 caused a furore that brought about a premature and acrimonious end to his international career (wikipedia)