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'Ghosts' is the most incredible play I've read for years.

'Ghosts' is the most incredible play I've read for years.

I was lucky, I had support from Mum and Dad - they said as long as you work hard, anything is possible. I never thought past those two things - that I liked living in imaginary worlds and that it is possible to do that for a living. ---->>>

You know the way that children play make-believe in the garden? I did that and I thought, 'This will do for life. Why would I want to do anything else?' ---->>>

I may live in London, but I'll go back to the country one day. My dad's an architect, so I would like him to design me a house. I'd love to be in the countryside when I'm older. ---->>>

I was used to getting changed in pub toilets before going on set. Then suddenly I had studios in L.A. advising me on my hair. ---->>>

'The Night Watch' is a beautiful story about the pains of dealing with what you are. ---->>>

I'll always have a house in London; I'll always call it my home. There might be moments when I get to go and work in different parts of the world, but I'll always come back here. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 09-10, 1984
Birthplace: Exeter, Devon, England
Occupation: Actor

Harry John Newman Treadaway (born 10 September 1984) is an English actor, perhaps best known for his performance as Victor Frankenstein on the horror-drama series Penny Dreadful.(wikipedia)