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When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place.

When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place.

In trying to make something new, half the undertaking lies in discovering whether it can be done. Once it has been established that it can, duplication is inevitable. ---->>>

I never felt I left the stage. ---->>>

I became active in politics because I saw the possibility, if we all sat back and did nothing, of a world in which there would no longer be any stages for actors to act on. ---->>>

I realized that public affairs were also my affairs. ---->>>


Helen Gahagan profile (helen-gahagan.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: November 25, 1900
Die: 06-28, 1980
Occupation: Actress

Helen Gahagan Douglas (November 25, 1900 – June 28, 1980) was an American actress and politician. She was the third woman and first Democratic woman elected to Congress from California; her election made California one of the first two states (along with Illinois) to elect female members to the House from both parties (wikipedia)