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To be honest, Brazilian people are fun people, and the country is amazing. It's full of beautiful people. I love the beaches. ---->>>

I have not changed much. I haven't gotten a big ego or anything. ---->>>

Dancing is just like racing. You don't learn choreography. They just give you steps to do, and you do them over and over and over. It's very much like what I do in racing. ---->>>

If you don't finish half of the races, you are not going to have a very good season. ---->>>

I like people with a good sense of humor, like Jennifer Aniston. She is amazing and is a great actress. ---->>>

When I'm driving the race track, it's all about repetition. ---->>>

I don't think I would be a good actor! People enjoyed 'Dancing With the Stars' because I was myself, and every time they told me to say something, I would say my own words, so I don't think I could follow a script well! ---->>>


Nationality: Brazilian
Born: 05-10, 1975
Birthplace: Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation: Driver

Hélio Castro-Neves (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɛlju ˈkastɾu ˈnɛvis]; born 10 May 1975), better known as Hélio Castroneves, is a Brazilian auto racing driver competing in the IndyCar Series. In IndyCar competition, Castroneves has 23 wins and 38 poles, and placed second in the season standings four times, third two times and fourth four times (wikipedia)