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There is something magical about three you know - a trio is tight and nicely economical. ---->>>

I think there's a lot of naivete and hubris within our mix of personalities. That's probably our worst crime. I keep wondering what a 'mature' record means. ---->>>

Now and then, I had moments of greatness, but I never knew how to duplicate it consistently. ---->>>

I'm too tasteful for my pants. ---->>>

It's like that Simpsons joke - they're filming a cow in a movie and they go, 'OK, we'll tape a bunch of cats together to make a cow', and it's like, 'Why don't you just use a cow?'. For some reason that is novel - like, 'Oh, my guitar sounds like a piano and now if I can just get my piano to sound like my guitar'. ---->>>

I definitely like the mystery of not knowing how things will turn out, you know. ---->>>

I think one of the most boring things is a person's taste. ---->>>

We made happy sounds because we were upset... just trying to make a positive situation out of a negative one. ---->>>

I think when I began, I played distortion more than the guitar. The results of my strumming. Now I play the twang of the string, which is a lot closer to the source of the sound making. ---->>>

I don't think our music has much to do with math rock. ---->>>

Our music doesn't make many compromises, but we take it into a venue that's larger than people expect. ---->>>

This is fun; consuming our music shouldn't be a responsibility like eating your spinach or something. ---->>>

We're not ever interested in repeating ourselves or doing what people expect us to do, it's such a turn off. ---->>>

A lot of people on the internet have been saying that there's no way we can pull off a musical in three acts. We just take that as a challenge. ---->>>

I don't like giving names to generations. It's like trying to read the song title on a record that's spinning. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1970
Occupation: Musician

Ian Williams (born August 31, 1970 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) is an American rock guitarist. He became noted for his finger tapping guitar playing in bands such as Don Caballero, Storm & Stress and currently in Battles.(wikipedia)