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To be with old friends is very warming and comforting.

To be with old friends is very warming and comforting.

Past success is no guarantee of future success, so I have learned to be an entrepreneur. I began to produce and direct my own projects. ---->>>

My most famous commercial was for Fruit Of the Loom underwear. I took a lot of razzing from my classmates. ---->>>

I began modeling in N.Y. and doing commercials. That led to regional theatre and then Broadway and then movies. ---->>>

I like the fact that I'm involved in a career that gives me so many different mediums to perform in. ---->>>

I love coming to Las Vegas. I've always loved it and always had a good time. ---->>>

I've always been a fan of Fran Drescher! ---->>>

People have always told me I look young for my age... and I think it's because I've always taken care of myself. ---->>>

I'm a student of the movies. I'm a student of all media. This is what I do, and I like to immerse myself in what's current and what's topical. And I find that I'm drawn to those things. ---->>>

Like every audition I go on, I do my best, but after that, I let it go because, you know, the rejection rate is so great in Hollywood, and I can only control what I do in the audition, and after that it's up to somebody else. ---->>>

I don't get claustrophobic. ---->>>

I like action-adventure movies. ---->>>

Being married, I've got so many things to do that I am the last to do things for myself. Taking care of my body has been difficult, but I am doing the best that I can. ---->>>

There are so many people that say they are actors and they don't spend for 5 minutes a day working on their craft. You need to train and need to take classes to keep your tools sharp. I'm always in class, whether it's theater or drama workshops. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-30, 1964
Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Ian Andrew Ziering (; born March 30, 1964) is an American actor and voice actor best known for his role as Steve Sanders on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210, which he played from 1990 to 2000. He is also the voice of Vinnie on Biker Mice from Mars. Beginning in 2013, he has starred as Fin Shepard in the Sharknado film series (wikipedia)