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I can't predict whether I'll leave here freely or in handcuffs. ---->>>

Our suspicions are being confirmed that Nashi will serve as a cover for storm brigades that will use violence against democratic organisations. ---->>>


Ilya Yashin profile (ilya-yashin.JPG)
Nationality: Russian
Born: 06-29, 1983
Occupation: Activist

Ilya Valeryevich Yashin (Russian: Илья́ Вале́рьевич Я́шин, born 29 June 1983 in Moscow) is a Russian activist and liberal politician, one of key leaders of political party RPR-PARNAS, co-founder and one of leaders of political movement Solidarnost. He is also the leader of the Moscow branch of the RPR-PARNAS, in which the Solidarnost participates (wikipedia)