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Rwanda can be a paradise again, but it will take the love of the entire world to heal my homeland. And that's as it should be, for what happened in Rwanda happened to us all - humanity was wounded by the genocide. ---->>>

I believe that we can heal Rwanda - and our world - by healing one heart at a time. ---->>>

The power of forgiveness is huge; it is really big, and it can save this world. ---->>>

When you start to see another human being as less than you, it's a danger. ---->>>

To me, I think justice is part of forgiving, if it is well done with love. ---->>>

Forgiving the men who killed my parents and brother was a process, a journey into deeper and deeper prayer. ---->>>

I love the American dream. I feel this is the place I was supposed to be in. It's beautiful. I love it. ---->>>


Nationality: Rwandan
Born: 06-21, 1972
Occupation: Author

Immaculée Ilibagiza (born 1972) is a Rwandan American author and motivational speaker. She is also a Roman Catholic and Tutsi. Her first book, Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust (2006), is an autobiographical work detailing how she survived during the Rwandan Genocide. She was featured on one of Wayne Dyer's PBS programs, and also on a December 3, 2006 segment of 60 Minutes (which re-aired on July 1, 2007) (wikipedia)