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The Holocaust story has been told and retold so many times. ---->>>

Lou Tyrrell has created a theatre that is a safe haven for playwrights, a birthing center for new American writing. Arts Garage has created a vital, enthusiastic audience for theatre, music, painting and sculpture in Delray Beach. ---->>>

It's not unusual for people to like Florida in the winter. I'm not a great tourist. I like coming down to work. ---->>>

I have never written a play, a story, a poem, or my one film - anything - unless something was troubling me enough, wrecking me, in fact, to drive me back into the absurdity of writing. I do not enjoy writing. ---->>>

I've always been a fighter - it's always been a part of my personality. ---->>>

L.A. is so focused on TV and film that theater is kind of an arcane sport. People look at you like you're doing something cute. ---->>>

Maybe all theatre is going to be irrelevant for all time. ---->>>

I began coming to Paris in the 1960s when I was told audiences here liked my work. More than 20 of my plays have been produced in Paris, and several have had long runs and have returned in revivals. ---->>>

Theatre's great. It's such an act of faith. It's a wonderful art form where you suspend disbelief for a couple of hours. It's a lovely art form because the actors and the audience are alive and in the room at the same time together. That's why I love the theatre. ---->>>

France is very welcoming to foreign writers. ---->>>

Gloucester's not some chi-chi tourist town. It's a working-class seaport: a no-kidding-around down-and-dirty place. ---->>>

My agent in London says all New York films are wonderful if they're really New York films because they're like travelogues. ---->>>

My dream is to have a small company in France. ---->>>

People expect someone with the name 'Israel Horovitz' to be a little old man with sideburns carrying a Torah. ---->>>

I am an internationally produced playwright. ---->>>

I don't direct the plays of others. ---->>>

I felt no need to write a German-bashing play. ---->>>

I parle Francais like a Spanish cow. ---->>>

I was not to the manor born. ---->>>

I write because I don't know how to ask my questions any other way. ---->>>

I'm really into the irony of writing vaguely radical plays that instantly win huge establishment awards. It's really amusing. ---->>>

I grew up in Wakefield, Mass., and there were only a couple of Jewish families in the town. ---->>>

I have a visceral response to a memory of working-class life. ---->>>

I have seen dozens upon dozens of productions of 'Lebensraum' in dozens of languages around the globe. ---->>>

I've done nothing with my life but write plays. ---->>>

If work isn't rooted in comedy, people will turn from it, or they'll use it like soap opera. ---->>>

Radical politics tend to be simple minded. ---->>>

What Lou Tyrrell creates when he has a theater is a birthing center for new plays. ---->>>

You write a play mostly out of yourself. There's a need to get a certain thing down. ---->>>

I learned Hebrew from a high school teacher named Mr. Cohen. We would drive down the highway to meet his car, and Jewish boys from these Massachusetts towns would sit in his car and learn the lessons. ---->>>

It's one of the terrors of old age that your body is not your friend. Or to be out on the street and be frightened of someone because you're not in good shape and can't do anything about it. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 03-31, 1939
Occupation: Playwright

Israel Horovitz (born March 31, 1939) is an American playwright, director, and actor.(wikipedia)