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I actually didn't always want to be an actor.

I actually didn't always want to be an actor.

I admire James Franco. I admire somebody like Jack Nicholson. Anyone who just does movies for the sake of making movies and takes big risks. ---->>>

I was never one to sit down and write a plan for my future. ---->>>

I've always been really into movies, and I definitely thought I'd be involved with movies at some point. ---->>>

My parents always encouraged me to do creative stuff, to do weird stuff. ---->>>

What goes on between the actor and director is sacred. ---->>>

Anything that would kind of label me or put me into a category is kind of what I want to avoid. I like the idea of being completely free, like having no area that I couldn't cover. ---->>>

With 'Palo Alto' as the catalyst, I've surrounded myself with people that have kind of created a world where I can feel like I'm not gonna be judged for doing something that I want to do. ---->>>


Jack Kilmer profile (jack-kilmer.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-06, 1995
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Occupation: Actor

Jack Kilmer (born June 6, 1995) is an American actor known for starring in the 2013 film Palo Alto.(wikipedia)