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The satirical direction I have chosen is an indication of my disappointment in man, which is the opposite way of saying that I have high expectations for the human race. ---->>>

Most artists like to think of themselves as rugged individualists, as independent characters. ---->>>

Ah, but it's nice to be in the opposition, nice to be a bone in somebody's throat. ---->>>

I'm the little dog who goes the wrong way - under the hoop. ---->>>

Now painting is different. It's something recollected in tranquility. ---->>>

As far as I'm concerned, I want to remain the mean little man I always was. ---->>>

This acting was very hard work. ---->>>

I am primarily concerned with the condition of man. ---->>>

I wish there was a painter who could paint as well as Ted Williams could hit. ---->>>

I'm an outsider. ---->>>

Impulses are hard to come by these days. ---->>>

It was a movement that had all the art critics, all the museum directors in its thrall. ---->>>

Here we were, corrupting all those Russians toward communism. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-03, 1915
Birthplace: Boston, MassachusettsUnited States
Die: 2010-11-08
Occupation: Artist

Jack Levine (January 3, 1915 – November 8, 2010) was an American Social Realist painter and printmaker best known for his satires on modern life, political corruption, and biblical narratives.(wikipedia)