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The financial crisis is a stark reminder that transparency and disclosure are essential in today's marketplace. ---->>>

Hedge funds, private equity and venture capital funds have played an important role in providing liquidity to our financial system and improving the efficiency of capital markets. But as their role has grown, so have the risks they pose. ---->>>

We can best honor the memories of those who were killed on September 11 and those who have been killed fighting the war on terrorism, by dedicating ourselves to building a free and peaceful world safe from the threat of terrorism. ---->>>

Improving oversight of hedge funds and other private funds is vital to their sustainability and to our economy's stability. ---->>>

If we don't have accurate information, if we are not able to tell difficult truth one to another, we will never be able to effectively design a policy for Iraq. ---->>>

The President has no real plan to address the fiscal challenges arising from the retirement of the baby boom generation, let alone a plan to fix Social Security. ---->>>

We're in danger of breaking our army and preventing our national leaders from having the flexibility to confront not just Iraq and Afghanistan, but crises around the globe. ---->>>

Having committed ourselves to Iraq, we must prevail, and to prevail, we must fund all of the requirements for our military. We must do it adequately and promptly, and the administration is doing neither. ---->>>

The best reduction, the most final reduction, is to destroy the warheads. ---->>>

I am extremely privileged to serve Rhode Island in the United States Senate, and that is my only goal and aspiration. ---->>>

The administration is manufacturing a crisis that does not exist in order to dismantle Social Security. ---->>>

Having grown up as a young Army officer in the Vietnam era, I had an instinctual sort of notion that you have to look very carefully and weigh very carefully what anyone says. ---->>>

We are today, in this country, convulsed by the situation in Iraq. It is an extraordinary crisis. It is taxing our men and women in uniform, and it is certainly taxing our resolve. ---->>>


Name: Jack Reed
Nationality: American
Born: 11-12, 1949
Occupation: Politician