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My lifestyle had made me a walking time bomb.

My lifestyle had made me a walking time bomb.

At an age when most youngsters are preparing for their GCSEs, I was suddenly a jet-setter, briefly the toast of Hollywood and London's West End. My immature wishes and naive opinions were treated with respect. ---->>>

There is no buzz like performing for a live audience.

There is no buzz like performing for a live audience.

I'm thought of as a celebrity. Everything I've ever done... has been for children. As long as I was working constantly, that was fine, because, although I don't have any children, I do relate better to them than adults. ---->>>

It's very hard not to let fame affect you because you are continually being told how good you are. After a while you begin to think there must be some truth in it because all those people can't be wrong. ---->>>

I guess I'll go to my grave as the Dodger, but at least I've made my mark on show-business history. ---->>>

I look at what I've gone through in my career and I really shouldn't be talking to you now. I should be dead ten times over. ---->>>

Until I was diagnosed with mouth cancer, I'd never heard of it. ---->>>

I'd definitely be up for 'EastEnders.' Just the same as I would if 'Coronation Street' was offered. Either way, it would be like going back to my roots. ---->>>


Name: Jack Wild
Nationality: English
Born: 09-30, 1952
Birthplace: Royton, Lancashire, England
Die: 2006-03-01
Occupation: Actor

Jack Wild (30 September 1952 – 1 March 2006) was an English actor and singer, known for his teenage performances as the Artful Dodger in Oliver! (film) (1968) and as Jimmy in the NBC children's television series H.R. Pufnstuf (1969) and accompanying 1970 feature film. He played Much the Miller's Son in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) (wikipedia)