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Once you get to that point when you can just be yourself and relax, I just think that you're so much happier in general.

Once you get to that point when you can just be yourself and relax, I just think that you're so much happier in general.

If I see a spider in my house, I put it in a cup, and then I take it outside. I save it. What is wrong with me? ---->>>

Anyways, I am a nerd, bookworm, geek... whatever you want to call me. I'm the type of person that would rather sit down and read a good book than go out and party. ---->>>

For the longest time I was brought up listening to only two genres of music, pop and rock. So in the past few years I've been trying to expand my interests because I think that you can only write to the extent of your knowledge, and if your knowledge is limited you can't write past that. ---->>>

I couldn't believe it! I mean, I'd always dreamed of acting on the screen - my previous background was all theater - but I wasn't sure if the opportunity would ever present itself. Not only was this acting for the screen, this was acting in 'The Hunger Games!' I knew that I had to give this audition my all. ---->>>

I wanted to be a professional singer/actress, though I knew it would be hard. ---->>>

I'm a pescatarian - I don't even eat meat! ---->>>

I've been acting since I was six years old, but not professionally. ---->>>

When I was six years old my friend was auditioning for 'Annie,' and I decided I wanted to audition with her. My mom was worried I would fall flat on my face because I'd never opened my mouth to sing, so she sent me to vocal lessons. I did the audition and fell in love with the entire process of a show. ---->>>

I started piano lessons when I was four; I was being classically trained at the Colburn School. ---->>>

I think family is so important. ---->>>

I never dreamed that I would hear 10,000 people screaming when I stepped out onto a stage. Well, that's not entirely true. I dreamed about it but in a performing-on-the-stage-at-Staples-Center-or-Madison-Square-Garden context. But never in a I'm-in-a-movie-that-hasn't-even-come-out-yet one. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-21, 1994
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Jacqueline Bonnell Marteau Emerson (born August 21, 1994), also simply known as Jacqueline, is an American actress and singer. She rose to prominence after she portrayed Foxface in the film The Hunger Games. She is a former member of the teenage pop band Devo 2.0. She appeared in the Video ETA's list of ten up and coming stars predicted to be A-listers by 2015, along with fellow Hunger Games cast member Willow Shields (wikipedia)