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A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time. ---->>>

You can't build Europe against anyone. ---->>>

I don't attach importance to great speeches or philosophy. ---->>>

In a Union of 15 now, you must take into account the sensibilities of everyone. ---->>>

You don't help your enterprise with a policy of protection. ---->>>


Born: 05-18, 1937
Occupation: Politician

Jacques Santer (born 18 May 1937) is a Luxembourg politician who served as the 9th President of the European Commission from 1995 to 1999. He served as Finance Minister of Luxembourg from 1979 until 1989, and the 22nd Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1984 to 1995, as a member of the Christian Social People's Party, which has been the leading party in the Luxembourg government since 1979 (wikipedia)