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I had just turned 28 and sold my first book, a travel guide for vegetarians, but I'd tell people about the day job that I didn't care about instead - I placed banner advertisements on the web for a search engine company. ---->>>

For everyone I know who is a writer, there was some awkward time in their lives when they had to learn to call themselves one. ---->>>

I first became familiar with Dave Eggers's work when I was living in San Francisco and enrolled at USF's MFA Program. ---->>>

I love Dave Eggers. I hate Dave Eggers. If I could become any other living writer, I would answer faster than anyone else in the room, 'Dave Eggers.' ---->>>

I'm at my best when I'm being genuine and sincere, and reading my material straight up to an audience that wants to listen. ---->>>

Whatever one thinks of Twitter, the Friday Reads hashtag is kind of a cool tradition. ---->>>

Now Dave Eggers, if you lived in San Francisco, is not an easy person to be done with. Everyone - and by everyone, I mean every white person with a college education and an interest in books - wants a piece of him. It's not just his amazingly powerful prose; it's also his charitable works. ---->>>

Once the travel guide came out and won an award, once I got an MFA in creative writing, once I sold my next novel, I finally started telling people that I was a writer. I remember how special that year felt. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Author

James Bernard Frost is an American author. His novels A Very Minor Prophet and World Leader Pretend explore American subcultures. His travel guide for vegetarians, The Artichoke Trail, won a Lowell Thomas Award for travel journalism. He regularly publishes essays on the online magazine The Nervous Breakdown (wikipedia)