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I'm lucky I've been able to spend a lot of time with my family.

I'm lucky I've been able to spend a lot of time with my family.

There's often an assumption you're more privileged if you belong to a family with people who have made a success. ---->>>

Childhood is so important. Without a loving one, you're vulnerable throughout your life. We're all the things our parents are - the good and the not so good. Thankfully, I have a wonderful wife who's a brilliant mother. ---->>>

'Performance' gave me doubts about my way of life. Before that, I had been completely involved in the more bawdy side of the film business. But after that, everything changed. ---->>>

I'm very emotional, very explosive, very temperamental. ---->>>

People think 'Performance' blew my mind... my mind was blown long before that. ---->>>


James Fox profile (james-fox.jpg)
Name: James Fox
Nationality: English
Born: 05-19, 1939
Birthplace: London, England
Occupation: Actor

William Fox (born 19 May 1939), known professionally as James Fox, is an English actor.(wikipedia)