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Why don't we have enough teachers of math and science in the public schools? One answer is well, if they knew the subject well, they'd also know enough to work for Google or Goldman Sachs or God knows where. ---->>>

The best way to conduct research on a larger scale is to make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing... The sooner the better - start talking to other people about what you're doing. Because that's what will stimulate things the fastest. ---->>>


James Harris Simons profile (james-harris-simons.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.
Occupation: Businessman

James Harris "Jim" Simons (born 1938) is an American mathematician, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. He is known as a quantitative investor and in 1982 founded Renaissance Technologies, a private hedge fund based in New York City. Although Simons retired from the fund in 2009, he remains its non-executive chairman and adviser (wikipedia)